Supporting family caregivers in West Hawaii since 1996

It takes a whole community to care for our caregivers.

Below this section of Big Island support groups, there's a listing of 

current online classes and events for caregivers and other kupuna.

Hawaii Island Alzheimer's 

Support Groups:

Nic Los Banos, the Big Island coordinator for the Alzheimer's Association, is offering two island-wide support groups on Zoom:  1st Wednesdays, 10-11 a.m.; and 3rd Thursdays, 4:30 -5:30 p.m. To sign up, contact Nic at 808-518-6649 or email him at [email protected].

Kona Brain Injury Support Group: hosted by Karen Klemme, RN., 

meets on Zoom the second Wednesday of each month starting at 6 p.m.

To participate, please email 

kklemme @hawaii.rr.com and she’ll send you details.  This group has been meeting in Kona for 26 years. For more information, search for “Kona Brain Injury Support Group” on Facebook.

Kona Family Caregiver Support Group

meets on second Saturdays at 11 a.m., facilitated by Joann D'Addio, M.Ed., and sponsored by HCCN.  The group is held at the Regency Hualalai, 75-181 Hualalai Road, in Kailua Kona. Call Joann at 

(773) 294-8773, or email her at [email protected] for information.

Here are two upcoming classes about dementia which you 

might find helpful.   The Eventbrite link did not work for me, 

please contact Jody Mishan at the phone number or email address in the flyer.

Thursday, July 21, 1:30 - 3 p.m.

An unusual class from the Hawaii Alzheimer's Association which will explore the benefits of plants for dementia.  Online link:  https://tinyurl.com/alzhlbb2022jul21 or phone 808-518-6649.

Training yourself to follow these guidelines can make your relationship with your loved one more peaceful and respectful.  Maybe try concentrating on one of them this week?

Make your wishes known through an advance care directive.  To get full information, contact one of the phone numbers on the flyer, for Zoom or in-person workshops.

Here's the link for the above event.  We like this line 

from the flyer:  "cultivate hope, honor your needs 

as a caregiver, and build resilience."


Support Groups for all islands from the Alzheimer's Association.  To register on Hawaii Island, call Nic Los Banos at 808-518-6649 or email [email protected]

Check out the calendar for this well-loved 

community venue in Waimea. 

Online, tutushouse.org, or call 808-885-6777.

Contact Kym Gentry-Peck for details; email her at [email protected], or call 808-494-5193. You’ll find

an interesting article about this program in the online

West Hawaii Today, at


St. Francis is an O'ahu healthcare system which offers caregiver classes, available via Zoom to Big Island residents too.  Contact Maylynn Wong, (808) 547-8138,

[email protected]

Our message to all family caregivers:

Please remember that taking care of yourself is

one of your most important jobs as a caregiver.

What are you doing today to support yourself?

ONGOING, Especially for patients with Parkinson's disease.

Dr. Marie Snyders has been offering Dance for Parkinsons in Kona for several years. Classes are currently offered online, via Zoom. For full information, please check this website, https://www.konadanceandperformingarts.org/danceforpd

(where some of the information is about former live classes).


This is a lively website which features teachers from

all over the Big Island, offering exercise for seniors.

808B-fit.com will get you there.